Florida State University Equestrian Club and Teams


How much experience is required to join?
Our equestrian team welcomes members of all levels to join! Whether you've been riding since you could walk or you've never ridden in your life, there is a spot for you in our club.

Do I have to have my own horse and tack?
No, to participate in lessons or showing you do not have to have your own horse and tack. The barns we ride out of have this available for us to use.

When are try-outs?
Currently, the only team that requires a try-out is our competitive hunt seat team.  Try-outs are normally held the first or second week of the fall semester. 

Are scholarships available?
Since we are a sport club and not an NCAA equestrian team, we are unable to offer scholarships.  However, both Florida State University and our governing bodies (IHSA and IDA) have scholarships that you may apply for. 

Do I have to be a competitive member?
No, you do not have to be a competitive member. Non-competitive members have access to all of the activities and opportunities as competitive members, just without being on the competitive show team.

How much does it cost?
Membership Dues:
-Competitive $100/year
-Non-Competitive $50/year

Lesson Fees:
The cost of lessons vary by team and whether they are private or not.  Usually lessons cost between $30 and $50 per lesson.

Show Fees:
For dressage, hunt seat, and western class fees are $30/class.  Each rider normally rides in 1-2 classes per show. Hotel fees are split between the riders staying in the room.  Gas is split between the passengers in each car.  On average, each show costs an individual rider $85-145 out of pocket.  The eventing costs are a bit more as they are required to bring horses to each show. 

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